Russam works to help all people THRIVE, recognising that talent is diverse, we are passionate about working with organisations to cultivate diversity and enjoy the innovation, creativity and success it can bring. 

Initiatives, action, investment, and progress:

  • Age Friendly employer programme – We are dedicated to fostering a more inclusive workforce and have pledged our commitment to the Age Friendly employer programme — a nationwide initiative designed for employers who acknowledge the significance and value of older workers. As part of this commitment, employers pledge to enhance working conditions for individuals in their 50s and 60s, taking necessary actions to ensure their success within a thriving multigenerational workforce.
  • ‘Walking the Talk’ – Funding and helping to commission a collection of thought leadership contributions on diversity, equality, and inclusion: ‘Walking the Talk’ being led by New Philanthropy Capital.
  • Girl Dreamer – is an empowerment platform for millennial and gen z women of colour. Their aim is to see a more representative world through tackling both social change and systems change by working with communities and companies to bridge the gaps that are causing a lack of representation and access to opportunity for women of colour. Together, we’ll be promoting trustee vacancies to Girl Dreamer’s networks and supporting them to consider becoming a trustee through sessions reviewing their CVs and discussing their experience.
  • Beyond Suffrage – Becoming the official recruitment partner for a new initiative, the Beyond Suffrage trustee development programme, launched by Social Practice ENT as a practical solution to improve racial diversity in the charity sector. The programme will specifically aim to improve the number of young women from ethnic minority backgrounds serving on charity boards by adopting a measurable long-term strategy that focuses on breaking down barriers and creating an organic pipeline of talented future leaders.
  • 56 Black MenSponsorship of Cephas Williams address to members of Winmark Non-Executive Director event.
  • The Women Association Sponsorship Deborah Williams:

Russam ethical guidelines:

  • Educate and Encourage: Demonstrate the benefits of diversity in all campaigns and begin with an honest conversation. 
  • Language:  Ensure that language is inclusive, compassionate, and appropriate.
  • Inclusive:  Respect all people equally.
  • Support and Mentoring: Offer guidance and coaching to help everyone meet their full potential. 

The Team: 

  • We have all had unconscious bias training and mental health first aid training and are fully committed, morally and professionally, to treating all people equally and moreover, proactively encouraging all people to apply for roles.
  • We are a diverse team with a balanced mix of gender, race, and sexual orientation.