Article 2: Further Insights from the HR Roundtable 13: Navigating the Complexity of Change and Inclusivity in Organisations

In a recent virtual discussion at The HR Roundtable 13, more insights emerged from the thought-provoking event. Srabani Sen, an expert in the field, took center stage alongside other participants to delve into the challenges faced by organisations in their journey towards change, inclusivity, and diversity.

The Q&A kicked off with the question: How can organisations move quickly and effectively in the realm of change while avoiding missteps?

Srabani, the featured expert, offered valuable insights. She emphasised the importance of not engaging in superficial changes but rather focusing on initiatives that lay the foundation for long-term transformation. Quick wins, according to Srabani, might not be the right approach, especially when dealing with significant cultural shifts. Instead, organisations should aim to build confidence among their teams, align them with the desired direction, and establish trust and momentum.

Furthermore, Srabani stressed the significance of engaging people across the organisation in the change journey. It’s not merely about internal communication but rather about getting buy-in from key stakeholders. She highlighted the importance of selecting individuals with credibility within the organisation to champion change and gather input from a wide range of perspectives.

The discussion then shifted to a question from Lee Higgins, founder of Diverse Talent Networks. Lee shared his organisation’s mission of creating diverse networks for leaders and voiced concerns about the potential impact of affirmative action rulings on diversity and inclusion initiatives. Srabani offered a nuanced perspective. She emphasised the need to shift the focus from fixing individuals to fixing the organization’s systems and practices. Instead of relying solely on segregated networks or employee resource groups, organisations should address the root causes of inequality within their structures.

In conclusion, the conversation shed light on the complexities of driving change and fostering inclusivity within organisations. It emphasised the need for long-term, systemic change rather than quick fixes. Building trust, buy-in, and credibility among stakeholders were identified as critical steps, along with a shift in focus from individuals to organisational structures. The discussion provided valuable insights for organisations seeking to navigate these challenges in an ever-evolving landscape of diversity and inclusivity at The HR Roundtable 13.

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