Chris Nurko of C Space on the Plan to Do Good Work

This interview with Chris Nurko, Chief Growth & Innovation Officer of C Space, a creative agency, was conducted via email by Harriet May.

You’ve just started a new role at C Space following senior positions at FutureBrand and SapientNitro. Can you tell me a little about your career path?

It continues to be an unexpected journey filled with coincidence and opportunities unlocked via relationships and persistence. I never had a ‘plan’ but always planned to do great work. I always believed the best things in life come to those who go out to find experiences and meet people, and who do so with integrity and confidence. I was never afraid to be me, admit when I was wrong or didn’t know an answer – but, I always committed to being open to learn and strive to be better.

Can you share some of the leadership lessons have you learned over the course of your career?

Lead from the front but empower others. It’s not about you.

Hire smart people and build teams that enjoy working together on challenges that don’t seem like hard work. Exit people who bring others down.

Treat people with respect but ask them to respect work as a gift not a given.

Push through the bad days, they always pass.

Make time for yourself. If you don’t no one will.

What do you see as some of the biggest challenges brands are facing in 2018?

There are four big challenges brands are facing at the moment:

1. Relevance – why do people care?
2. Human values – Ai can’t replace human thought or empathy
3. It’s not all about profit. Value and impact are also good measures of performance.
4. IoT 2.0. Can we move beyond the meaningless of social media obsession to using digital tools and data to do bigger and better things via the power of connectivity!

What are you reading at the moment?

Tribe of Mentors, Tim Ferris. But I also read twitter feeds everyday (MIT Sloane Management and HBR everyday); Harry Potter and the Cursed Child; and I listen to various podcasts on the way to work and home everyday (at the moment RuPaul and Russell Brand are my must-listens).

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