Winning Assignments Masterclass for Interim Managers/Consultants

This highly practical, hands-on workshop runs from 1.00pm-5.00pm covers: 

    What are you all about? 

    Whether we like it or not, people will pigeonhole us. The worst place to be put is the ‘miscellaneous’ pigeonhole because hardly anyone looks in it. The trick is for you to pick the pigeonhole that people put you in. How? Well, that’s what this part of the workshop is all about. We will help you define this and then use it as the basis of your LinkedIn profile. I promise you it will be more compelling than being a ‘flexible, versatile, dynamic, inspiring, results-oriented change leader’!! And you won’t feel like you’re bragging!

      The importance of proof

      Now, we can put whatever we want in our profile, but will anyone believe us? Most of us are programmed to take everything people say with a pinch (or more) of salt, especially if we think they are trying to sell us something. What convinces people more than anything else is your track record. Stick to the facts, include real results you have achieved and go easy on the meaningless clichés. We’ll use a template to turn your career into a series of compelling achievements.

      Who cares? 

      It would be nice to think that everyone is waiting with baited breath to see what we do next, but we know that isn’t true for most of us. The fact is that generally speaking, people only care and want to meet us when they believe we could help them. So who are these people and where are they? This session is all about targeting and segmentation, helping you get the best return on your marketing efforts. LinkedIn has some terrific tools to help you do just that.

      It’s not what you know 

      …it’s who you know. We’ve asked hundreds of successful people to define their no.1 driver of success and 99% of them say ………NETWORKING. But what is networking and how do you do it? For those of you who wince at the thought of it, you may find this session somewhat reassuring. Using LinkedIn, we will help you not only build your network but use it to your advantage.

      Grabbing Attention

      Most of the time people are looking for an excuse not to meet you. They’re busy and are miserly with their time. They need to know that a meeting with you will be a worthwhile use of their time and that boils down to whether they believe you can help them fix an issue they face. We’ll use a template here that will help you grab attention over and over again.

        Prepare to succeed 

        We’ve all conducted thousands of meetings throughout our working lives. The trouble is, we may lapse into ‘unconscious incompetence’ (no offence) and be ‘winging it’ more than is healthy. In this session, we will be looking at how to prepare to make the most of each and every meeting. One delegate emailed to say the tool we used in this session had been instrumental in winning two consulting assignments within three weeks.

        Workshop Feedback 

        ‘I found it really valuable and more pertinently, can apply much of it immediately’

        ‘Excellent workshop facilitating detailed and relevant discussion’

        ‘Excellent workshop providing valuable insights to refine & improve strategies I am already using and to adopt new approaches I had not previously considered’

        ‘The main thing for me is that I now feel I have control over what I’m doing, and I didn’t have that until I met you, so thank you!’

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        Date: Tuesday 3rd March 2020

        Time: 1:30 PM

        Location: Central Working Victoria, London

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