#GreatHires Phionah Mulusa Joins AJM Healthcare as IT Coordinator

AJM Healthcare, a leading provider of mobility and equipment solutions, is thrilled to announce the appointment of Phionah Ngoizi Mulusa as their new IT Coordinator. With her extensive background in information technology and a passion for optimizing digital systems, Phionah is set to drive AJM Healthcare’s technological advancement to new heights.

Phionah brings a wealth of experience to her role, having previously held positions at renowned organizations where she successfully led IT initiatives and implemented innovative solutions. Her proven track record in streamlining operations and enhancing digital infrastructure made her an ideal choice for AJM Healthcare’s ambitious goals.

Before joining AJM Healthcare, Phionah served as the IT Manager at a prominent healthcare provider, where she transformed their IT department into a dynamic, customer-focused unit. Under her guidance, the organization experienced significant improvements in efficiency, data security, and user experience.

As an esteemed partner of AJM Healthcare, Russam is proud to have worked closely with the organization for several years. With a shared commitment to identifying exceptional talent, Russam has assisted AJM Healthcare with multiple key hires, contributing to their continued success. The collaborative relationship between AJM Healthcare and Russam has yielded outstanding results, with the placement of highly skilled professionals who have made significant contributions to the company.

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