How technology is changing the way we work

Digital transformation has formed a central point of corporate boards strategic vision for many years now. We think of digital transformation as automating digitally the things we already do manually, and to a certain extent that’s true; it’s now assumed that systems aid the way we communicate, the way we administer, and the way we store data.

Last week Russam GMS were proud to host the annual WIL Group (Worldwide Interim Executive Leadership Group, of which Russam GMS is a founding member)Conference in London and Windsor, where Fred Warren, founder of Wonder 14 and previously creative director for Connected Digital Services within Microsoft, was invited to speak about the ways technology is changing the business landscape. He very clearly stated that Artificial Intelligence (AI) isn’t just about automating a process, but about creating a living, learning organism, one that’s capable not just of being programmed, but also being coached. The ambiguity that creates is where we as business people must get comfortable existing in order to understand and leverage the technology that is quickly coming into widespread use.

Immersive content makes up part of this technology, with virtual reality, augmented reality, alternative reality, mixed reality, and others now coming under the banner of XR. “Ignore the labels,” advised Fred. “Think about 3D content.” In fact, the entire 2D pipeline is being quickly replaced by the 3D pipeline in order to meet these demands– Fred suggest 3D company logos will soon be the norm– and that being able to adjust to those new ways of working will put you ahead of the curve. So start acquiring that knowledge; with some smartphones already having depth capture functionality, you may already have the ability to capture 3D images from a device you already own.

The way we operate within the WIL Group, Fred pointed out, is a responsive network and a creative collective, or “cellular groups of people rather than teams with tasks.” We agree. We’re on a journey to collaborate in a way that gives our international and UK clients the best experience of finding the talent they need to lead them through times of transformation, and beyond.

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