Interim Management Survey – February 2024

Russam’s Managing Director, Jason Atkinson, has diligently conducted surveys among a pool of approximately 800 interim managers to capture insights into the mood, activity, and emerging trends in the market. With over a year’s worth of statistics, he has made some noteworthy observations.

“Our clients continue to voice concerns about the uncertainty in the job market, a sentiment echoed by KPMG’s UK report on jobs indicating a decline in permanent placements in Jan ‘24. Despite these challenges, the interim sector remains robust, with Russam experiencing heightened demand in specific sectors such as private equity and roles involving operational remodelling. The term “try before you buy” came up twice this week in client meetings. However, our latest survey suggests a slight shift in sentiment compared to 2023, with 60% of respondents feeling positive or neutral about interim job opportunities, marking a 5% drop from previous levels.

As one of our interims astutely pointed out last week to me “Uncertainty in the wider job market is a blessing for interim.” In times of prolonged processes for permanent placements, businesses still need to move forward, and Interim Managers provide the flexibility and expertise to do just that. They offer businesses breathing space to navigate uncertain times, allowing them to assess their direction or experiment with new roles without the commitment of a permanent hire.

You can read more about their insights in our recent #InterimsInAction post.

Our surveys consistently reflect the strong demand for interim managers across various sectors, reaffirming their vital role in providing support and guidance amidst uncertainty. At Russam, we’re committed to supporting both our clients and interim managers as they navigate through these dynamic market conditions. Our dedication to delivering exceptional interim solutions remains unwavering, and we continue to adapt and innovate to meet the evolving needs of our clients.

As we move forward, it’s essential to recognise the invaluable contribution of our interim community in driving positive change and facilitating business growth amidst uncertainty. We are proud to stand alongside them as they continue to make a significant impact in the ever-changing landscape of interim management.”

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