#InterimsInAction – Navigating the Journey of a Young Interim Manager

In the fourth instalment of the #InterimsInAction series, Jason Atkinson, Managing Director of Russam, engages in a dynamic conversation with Jakub Stahlavsky, a leading interim professional.  Russam placed Jakub on a critical and high profile project assignment at Canon in 2023. They explore Jakub’s strategies for rapidly making an impact in his interim roles, discussing his insights on the latest innovations and cutting-edge ideas shaping the interim management landscape. Additionally, Jason investigates Jakub’s approach to generating significant value for his clients, achieving a strong return on investment (ROI), and leaving a legacy in the organisations he serves.

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At Russam, we pride ourselves on our ability to identify and nurture exceptional talent, regardless of age or experience. One such individual is Jakub Stahlavsky, one of the youngest interim managers we’ve had the pleasure of placing. We recently sat down with Jakub to gain insights into his career journey and experiences in the interim management industry.

You are one of the youngest Interim Managers that we’ve placed . . . why did you decide on this career journey?

For me, the decision to pursue a career in interim management was driven by a deep-seated passion for tackling diverse challenges and making a tangible impact quickly. With my background spanning AI, sales, project management, business model innovation, and consulting, I found interim management to be the perfect outlet for my varied skill set and entrepreneurial spirit. The dynamic nature of interim management allows me to thrive in roles that demand adaptability, quick learning, and a robust skill set, aligning perfectly with my personal and professional growth goals.

What is the interim/transition management industry like in the Czech Republic? Is it quite a ‘known’ thing or still in its infancy? What about the wider ‘gig economy’? Does the current environment (employment law etc) lend itself/support people doing interim work?

While the interim management industry in the Czech Republic may not be as mature as in other countries, it is steadily gaining recognition for the value interim managers bring to organisations, especially during times of transition or crisis. The wider gig economy is also flourishing, supported by an employment law environment conducive to freelance and interim work. This provides both organisations and professionals with flexibility and opportunities for collaboration.

As a project management professional, what are the latest trends and thinking?

As a project management professional, I am keenly attuned to the latest trends shaping the industry. From agile methodologies and digital transformation to sustainability and holistic approaches, project management is evolving rapidly. I emphasise the importance of taking a holistic view of projects and leveraging agile methodologies beyond software development. Additionally, the integration of AI and machine learning is enhancing project planning and execution, while sustainability and social responsibility are becoming integral to project management practices.

What are the key things you learned on the recent project via Russam?

My recent experience on the project via Russam provided invaluable insights into the importance of agile methodologies, rigorous risk management, and transparent communication. Navigating the complexities of closing operations while ensuring continuity and client satisfaction required resilience, strategic planning, and proactive risk mitigation. Clear and continuous communication with all stakeholders was critical for maintaining trust and alignment throughout the transition process, highlighting the unique value that interim managers bring to critical project phases.

Do you prefer steady-state or crisis in terms of a project?

While steady-state projects offer stability and predictability, I find projects in times of crisis more engaging and rewarding. Crises demand innovative thinking, rapid decision-making, and a proactive approach to problem-solving. They provide unique opportunities for growth and learning, allowing me to demonstrate my leadership and resilience. The satisfaction of navigating a project through a crisis to a successful conclusion is unparalleled.

In conclusion, Jakub’s journey as a young interim manager exemplifies the versatility and adaptability required in today’s dynamic business landscape. His insights offer a glimpse into the evolving nature of interim management and its vital role in driving organisational success amidst change and uncertainty. As Jakub continues to grow and thrive in his career, he looks forward to witnessing his continued contributions to the interim management industry and beyond.

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