Is your employer brand sending the right message to potential new hires?

In today’s world with such easy access to information, there is strong competition to get noticed –  and for the right reasons. Organisations must stand out to attract the best talent within increasingly competitive markets and, following recruitment, employers must retain talented employees.

We know all organisations have, consciously or otherwise, an employer brand. Done right, it’s how organisations differentiate themselves in the market, enabling them to recruit, retain and engage the right people. A strong employer brand helps businesses compete for the best talent and establish credibility. It shapes the way they are perceived as a ‘place to work’, by would-be recruits, current employees and those leaving the organisation.

In a competitive marketplace, organisations can use an employer brand to drive employee loyalty through effective recruitment, engagement and retention practices. To be effective, the brand should connect with an organisation’s values and run consistently through its approach to people management.

It should be evident to candidates at the recruitment stage – through what they read about the company and what they learn in the interview process. But it also must also delivered in the day to day experiences of people who work there. That means ‘living’ the brand and its principles. Wheeling out a few key messages in communications materials is not enough to keep the people you value most.

Ultimately, people who like the job they do and the place they work become its advocates.

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