Report on HR Round Table: on Reverse Mentoring

We are delighted that there was a lot of interest in our event on Reverse Mentoring on the 3rd of February. Our guests from offered their expertise and led stimulating dialogue that everyone contributed to, especially in the breakouts. 

Reverse mentoring is a subject that we may believe we know more about until we stop to think about it. What is special about reverse mentoring as opposed to just mentoring, and what do we need to consider as we embark on a programme? This was openly discussed in breakout rooms led by our facilitators and was also an opportunity to hear from our guests on their own personal experiences.

For your information:

Mentoring: A business relationship where a more experienced person helps guide a less knowledgeable person.

Reverse mentoring: With change and uncertainty in the world of work, it isn’t realistic or relevant for leaders to hold all the solutions –RM can facilitate a change where those more junior or/and unrepresented people can become ‘change agents.

Reverse Mentoring has a role to play in Diversity and Inclusion, Technology advancement, breaking down harmful assumptions and unhelpful perspectives, creating a mutual understanding and shared purpose, and levelling the power dynamic in an organisation. It is known to create a greater collaboration across the boundaries of organisational business units and functions.

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