Reverse Mentoring and Diversity

Diversity is being invited to the party; inclusion is being asked to dance.

Verna Myers.

The world is moving in the right direction since the conversation is in the limelight, but there is obviously more that can be done. Reverse Mentoring is a functional practice that organisations can use to open this dialogue.

Capita found that their Reverse Mentoring Programme made people feel comfortable confronting behaviours that they knew were wrong. Additionally, individuals uncovered the confidence to apply for roles they historically wouldn’t have with the help of their mentees. Essentially, removing unseen mental barriers from being of a different ethnicity, orientation and more.

However, when mismanaged, different ethnic staff members believed the whole ordeal of educating people from another generation about the evolving nature of the racial and socially political conversation to be frankly burdensome.

Nevertheless, it is crucial to view Diversity and Inclusion as beyond socially responsible. There is clear evidence that a lack of diversity hinders innovation. Logically, a wider lens of perceptions means that organisations are better prepared to evolve through unexpected changes. Therefore, diversity and inclusion should be held in higher regard strategically.

Luckily companies such as Orchard House Partners support companies on their Reverse Mentoring journey. As you may know, Danela and her team will be presenting our 7th

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