The current hiring market

We know that hiring the right senior leaders for your organisation is critical for growth and sustainability – and we also know that finding top talent can be really difficult. Charity leaders list hiring as their top concern, over both revenue and customer growth.

The best candidates out there aren’t always looking for a new role, and if they are, they might not be considering your organisation for their next step. Recruiting is therefore no longer an HR priority, but a business priority. In today’s market there is huge competition for the best talent. Many of our clients tell us that they are struggling to find suitable candidates or having difficulties in retaining their best employees.

The increasing competition for candidates, especially those with in-demand skills, means that we’re seeing the market become candidate-led. You no longer pick the talent any more – they pick you. This shift means candidates are being treated more like customers, so to attract the best talent you must consider your current recruitment strategies.

One specific area to think about is your employer branding and how you stand out in the market; this is the most important element in attracting, hiring and retaining the best talent. Candidates now do a lot of research before putting an application forward for a role. They are looking at the reputation of an organisation, its popularity as an employer and its employee value proposition (EVP).

We know that the organisations that invest in this area have a significantly higher return on investment. At Russam we are supporting our clients with their EVPs – and have also shaken up our own executive search processes to meet the changing landscape. Our processes both meet the needs of our clients and are designed to attract and appoint the best candidates ahead of other organisations. In our next newsletter we will be talking more about retention and ways you can make your talent last.

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