The Future of News and Entertainment – Your Weekly Roundup

It’s not just our music, films and news that are evolving with modern technology, but also the ways we access them.

With so much content at our fingertips, I’m fascinated with the way we consume our media. We stream music and TV and throw away our CDs and DVDs. We get our news straight to our mobiles. What does this mean for the business models of these industries, for our minds and habits as consumers, and the future of the world?

How Virtual Reality is Poised to Take on the Traditional Movie Industry

If they get the technology right, it’s a win-win for big studios and audiences alike with this new improved entertainment experience. [The Conversation

Music Streaming is Booming. What Happens Next?

    The challenges and opportunities around how streaming should evolve were a topic up for discussion in a panel at the FastForward conference in Amsterdam. [MusicAlly

    How much U.S. newspapers charge for digital subscriptions

      Facing declines in print circulation and advertising revenue, news organizations are pushing paid digital subscriptions more than ever – but at what price? [American Press Institute

      The Rise and Fall of the late, great CDs

        As Best Buy announces they will phase out the sale of CDs by July 2018, the news seems to signal the end in the life of Compact Discs. [Digital Trends

        Watch David Bowie Argue With an Interviewer about the Future of the Internet

          In 1999, Davide Bowie sat down for a TV interview with BBC host Jeremy Paxman. Bowie explains that if he were a kid of the 1990s he wouldn’t have become a pop star. Instead, Bowie probably would’ve become obsessed with the internet. Why? [Gizmodo

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