The relationship between shame and workplace bully

Bullying in the workplace can have terrible effects on the psyche of an individual, creating a feeling of constantly being on edge, fearful and on edge. People wrongly believe that bullying occurs because of low self-esteem; instead, it has been found that shame on the bully‚Äôs behalf is the most common reason for this action. 

People from different responses to shame. Typically, Typical coping responses fall into four types: attacking others, attacking oneself, avoidance, and withdrawal. The commonly known truth is that shame is a passed-on emotion, and the victim seems to remind them of the guilt they may have felt in the past. Letting go of shame is challenging because the emotions feel like physical pain. 

We will be hosting an HR Roundtable to discuss how we can combat workplace bullying. The CEO of Kidscape, Lauren Seager-Smith FRSA, an expert in this field, will guide us through our discussion on the complex subject of bullying. 

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