Charity giving in the UK gone digital.

Jun 11, 2021

At the start of the pandemic opinion suggested that charities would receive decreased donations as the UK plunged into recession, however, it seems donations have increased.

The lack of physical fundraising events that typically are the go-to for generating funds were quickly replaced with virtual events and proved that the Charity sector is versatile and resilient. Virtual meetings took over from face-to-face ones with major donors.

Virtual events are set to continue and have many benefits for charities. They are less costly and require less people to be involved in the organisation. They do, however, demand strong messaging to engage enthusiastic participants.  

It is now possible to engage on a global level and with the added benefit of limiting carbon emissions.  This is just one example of how charities have moved forward 10 years to digitization in one year.  

The charity banks are moving rapidly to support their clients too and we are seeing transformation across the sector.

Charities are now on a journey of rapid digitization. The combined teams of Russam Commercial and Charity can provide candidates with digital expertise and a strong sense of social purpose. 

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