Executive Outplacement and Coaching Services.

Aug 25, 2020

Our coaching services now include Executive Outplacement.  We are all facing up to change is some shape or form and the support of a coach can make a transition much easier.

Making redundancies is necessary at best, upsetting at worst. The ability to offer support to individuals at their time of need can make a tremendous difference to their career prospects, self-worth and how they feel about the organisation they are leaving.

Executive Outplacement provision is increasing, and the benefits include:

  • Employees are supported at a time which can be very difficult and stressful
  • Executive Outplacement helps protect the brand and reputation of the organisation both with exiting employees, remaining employees, and other stakeholders
  • It provides morale, motivation and productivity improvements for remaining staff
  • The employer is recognised as being supportive by assisting employees who are leaving
  • It takes the pressure of the HR and management teams

Download the Russam guide to Executive Outplacement Services.

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