Interim Managers in Action – Podcast 4 with Simon Berry.

Sep 29, 2021

Russam, nearly 40 years ago, was the first to promote the concept of Interim Management in the UK; helping organisations to survive and thrive through providing very fast access to experts in their fields. Individuals, typically over-qualified, that could perform at the highest levels and deliver change.

We now have a talent pool of 38,000 and many more globally via our international Worldwide Interim Group (WIL), and the use of Interims is now mainstream.

I am Jason Atkinson, Managing Director and Head of our Interim Practice at Russam. I am delighted to bring you this series of Podcasts – Interim Managers in Action.

In Podcast 4 I am speaking to a very old friend, Simon Berry. Not only is he a brilliant tennis player but he has made a big impact on the Interim Management industry.

For over 14 years Simon has run the Interim Management Workshop, helping over 3,500 senior managers to make a rapid and successful transition into Interim Management and/or Consulting through workshops and one to one coaching. When I was Chairman of the Interim Management Association, I worked with Simon to make this the best workshop going and ensure the leading providers supported it. He also runs a firm called the Independent Executive that supports individuals and works with teams.

Before this, he spent many years as a director of NCR Corporation (NYSE : NCR), the leading software company, running sales teams.

Simon has hundreds of endorsements on LinkedIn. One of my personal favourites is:

“Even the world's elite sportsmen and women need expert coaches to ensure they remain sharp and on top of their game. When I first considered interim management, I attended a workshop run by Simon and I subsequently had a "one to one" with him on the very specific subject of identifying and presenting my USPs. I found his expertise and creative approach most helpful and his personable style engaging. It has helped me become a successful interim.”

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