We are currently working with an exciting early-stage venture for Cargo Bikes. Did you know?

The pandemic caused many changes in the last two years. One change is the growth of the E-Cargo bike sector. An increase in home deliveries has caused higher demand in productivity of these services. Surprisingly, the E-Cargo bikes improve the delivery speed, in urban areas, by 60%. Delivery giants like Amazon, DHL and more have responded by slowly integrating these bikes into their own services. 

Studies have shown that E-Cargo bikes emit 90% less CO2 than diesel vans and a third less than electric Vans. The founder of Oxwash, a collection laundry company, has discovered a cut of 6700kg of carbon emission per bike annually. These figures, and more, has led the government to offer grants to E-Cargo bikes. With the UK offering up £2 million last year. 

Ersilia Verlinghieri found in her study that 51% of all European freight journeys in cities can be replaced by E-Cargo bikes. With the sheer volume of deliveries currently, which shows no signs of slowing down, the E-Cargo sector could see exponential growth. Europe, the largest adopter of the industry, is projected to see a growth of 16.58% and saw sales increase from 54,000 to 78,000.

With all these benefits, it almost seems inevitable that the boom of E-Cargo bikes boom will continue. Simply put, E-Cargo bikes can maneuver through traffic swifter than a van, and with the government increasing the budget of cycle lanes by 31%, they are about to be even quicker. With the hidden benefits of customer retention and flexibility toward price increases, E-cargo bikes are a faster, cheaper, and cleaner solution to the current challenge we face. 

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