We are delighted to welcome Paul Wilkins as the new Associate Director specialising in Digital/AI at Russam

With an impressive career spanning over two decades in recruitment and business development, Paul is a seasoned professional renowned for his strategic navigation through various sectors. His journey commenced in the demanding worlds of banking and consultancy, where he excelled in the search and selection of senior roles, demonstrating unparalleled precision and insight. As the digital era has advanced, Paul has adeptly shifted his focus to the media sector and the fascinating convergence with technology, especially AI, an area where his interest and expertise have flourished over the past ten years.

We sit down and speak with Paul about his journey through diverse industries, blending creativity with business acumen, and his vision for leveraging digital innovation and AI in talent recruitment and business development.

Can you share a pivotal moment in your career that significantly influenced your path towards specialising in Digital/AI within the recruitment and business development sector?

Early on in my career, I focused on placing Front Office Trading support staff in Banking and Fintech sectors, including High-End developers and Quant analysts and I was always fascinated by how these very astute professionals constantly sought to provide innovation and significant value to these sectors.  With the subsequent convergence of media and technology and the emergence of AI and Generative AI, the opportunities for creativity, innovation and growth have reached a new milestone. The transformative potential of these technologies will usher in a new zeitgeist moment for industry and society. It’s going to be a very exciting area to be involved in.

Given your diverse experience across banking, consultancy, and the creative industries, how do you blend these varied skills to enhance your approach to digital transformation and AI?

I think my background provides me with an understanding of fundamental business imperatives combined with an appreciation of the creativity and ‘outside of the box ‘thinking required to navigate these unprecedented times, whilst achieving growth and transformation.  

What excites you most about the current state of AI and digital innovation, and how do you see it impacting the future of talent recruitment and business development?

The rapid evolution of AI presents a dynamic landscape where businesses face the dual challenge of integrating these technologies while harnessing their potential effectively. This is going to require a combination of skills that will require a blend of creative and technical proficiency, coupled with foresight and boldness. This evolution promises exhilarating opportunities for growth and transformation. Both talent and industry, will be required to be more agile and those that are adaptive and open to incorporating a diverse range of skills and ideas will be the ones that flourish. 

As someone who has successfully led award-winning creative projects, how do you approach the creative process, and what role does innovation play in your strategy?

My approach to the creative process begins with a deep understanding of the target audience and/or ‘goal’, coupled with the inception of engaging ideas that challenge norms and captivate attention. Innovation is at the core of this strategy, driving the exploration of novel concepts and solutions that push boundaries and deliver meaningful impact. Balancing ‘artistry’ and ‘science’ ensures that creativity is not only visionary but also purposeful, driving tangible results.

How have your academic pursuits, particularly your MA in Creative Entrepreneurship, influenced your professional outlook and approach to solving business challenges?

I think ultimately this has provided me with a set of tools that promote research, creative thinking and practical know how that also inspires confidence in the knowledge that there is always a solution to be found somewhere and somehow!  It has also encouraged me to be a curious, ‘Life-learner’ and therefore open to new ideas and potential solutions.

Could you describe your leadership philosophy, especially in the context of fostering innovation and embracing digital advancements within a team?

My leadership philosophy revolves around providing vision and direction while fostering a collaborative environment where diverse perspectives are valued. If you are leading team that has a range of complimentary skillsets and you are listening and incorporating their ideas effectively, then I think you are in a very good place.

As the new Associate Director specialising in Digital/AI at Russam, what are your immediate goals, and how do you plan to achieve them?

My immediate goal is to start building strong client relationships and expand our network in the digital/AI talent pool and help position Russam as a leader in providing innovative talent in this fast. evolving, space.

Looking ahead, what long-term impact do you hope to have in your field, and how do you plan to adapt to the continually evolving landscape of digital technology and AI?

I hope to forge some long-term relationships with clients and candidates who are at the forefront of this evolving landscape whilst remaining continuously curious and agile to evolve our approach and market intelligence as this space continues to transform.

If you would like to connect with Paul or have a conversation around commercial recruitment, digital innovation, or business development, email Paul on paul.wilkins@russam.co.uk or call (0)7442 629 110.

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