Cathy Kay’s NED Workshop Empowers Women at Credit Suisse 

Introduction: Russam is proud to announce its continued commitment to promoting diversity and gender equality in leadership roles, with the success of Cathy Kay’s Non-Executive Director (NED) workshop held at Credit Suisse. This article highlights the key insights shared during the workshop and its positive impact on participants. 

Setting the Stage for Success: Cathy Kay’s workshop took place on June 28, 2023, at Credit Suisse’s prestigious venue in London. With a focus on women becoming NEDs or Trustees, the workshop aimed to break down barriers and encourage more female representation in boardrooms. Attendees were welcomed to the event, which began promptly at 9:30 AM, by Cathy’s energetic and inspiring presence. 

Insights from Cathy Kay: As a respected leader in the field, Cathy Kay shared her extensive knowledge and experiences during the workshop. Drawing from her own journey and expertise, Cathy emphasized the importance of networking, continuous learning, and embracing opportunities outside of one’s comfort zone. She highlighted women’s unique skills and perspectives to boardrooms and encouraged participants to leverage these qualities in pursuing NED roles. 

Inspiring Stories of Success: One of the workshop’s highlights was the video interviews Cathy shared with the audience. These interviews showcased the experiences and accomplishments of three remarkable individuals who have taken different paths to NED roles. Cathy introduced Zoe Shaw, Christine Higgins, and Lucinda Charles Jones, whose stories served as powerful examples of resilience, determination, and success in the world of corporate governance. 

Zoe Shaw, an accomplished NED and Trustee, shared her journey of overcoming challenges and the importance of networking and continuous learning. Christine Higgins’ story highlighted the value of pursuing a non-linear career path, embracing versatility, and adapting to change. Lucinda Charles Jones, a trailblazer in NED roles, emphasized the significance of resilience, courage, and advocating for diversity within boardrooms. 

Impact and Empowerment: The workshop left a lasting impression on the attendees at Credit Suisse. Cathy Kay’s insights and the inspiring stories of Zoe Shaw, Christine Higgins, and Lucinda Charles Jones resonated deeply with the audience. Participants better understood the value they could bring to boardrooms and felt empowered to pursue NED and Trustee roles. 

Conclusion: Cathy Kay’s NED workshop at Credit Suisse, hosted by Russam, was a resounding success in inspiring women to pursue NED and Trustee roles. Through her expertise and the stories of successful women leaders, Cathy empowered participants to overcome barriers and embrace opportunities for leadership in boardrooms. Russam and Credit Suisse’s shared commitment to gender diversity and inclusion sets an example for other organizations to follow, fostering a more inclusive and equitable business landscape for the future. 

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